The top eight tips to sell your home fast by HP’s very own senior property consultant!

So, the day comes when you finally decide to make the big move and put your home up for sale. I bet you’re thinking; “what extra can I do to make sure my home sells quickly at the best price?” Well look no further! You’ll never scroll through a forum looking for these gem’s again! So lets get started on how you can Sell your home fast!

1. First impression or “Kerb Appeal”!

We’re always told to never judge a book by it’s cover but from years of experience showing prospective buyers properties we can tell you that if your home hasn’t had the exterior tender loving care it rightfully deserves, it’ll already be on the back-foot against the competition.  The little things make a huge difference, things as simple as painting the front door, mowing the lawn or jet washing the drive will all encourage and excite your potential buyers to see more! If you don’t follow this tip, you may find your home sitting on the shelf until the price comes down. Follow it and sell your home fast.

2. De-clutter!

So now your home is the most attractive on the road, we’ve got to keep impressing. At this point your prospective buyer’s expectations are sky high but clutter can bring it all crashing down.  I always tell my clients to de-clutter, make effective use of that loft (If you have one!) so that buyers can get a true feel for that space your home provides. It goes a long way! Short-term storage units are also a good idea if you have no other storage available to you.

3. “Just give it a lick of paint!”

Making sure your home is ahead of the competition doesn’t mean you’ve got to invest in an expensive décor overhaul! The likelihood is your buyer will come in with an entirely different taste to yours and change everything anyway. So that’s why I recommend a “fresh splash of paint” throughout in a neutral warm colour, but it doesn’t have to just be magnolia! This allows for potential buyers to see it as a “blank canvas” and naturally more appealing. A small investment into paint and recruiting the family to help take it from tin to wall is a small price to pay for what could be the difference of a higher offer and enable you to sell your home fast.

4. “The second sense, smell.”

Now I’m not going to ask you to bake a fresh loaf of bread prior to every viewing, Homes Partnership have sold hundreds of homes throughout the years without the “fresh loaf myth” lingering in the background, but smell is a crucial factor when people visit your home. Air fresheners, flowers or candles can cost as little as £5 but could be the difference between a buyer submitting an offer or not. It sounds crazy, but a potential purchaser might rush round a home if the odour is off putting leaving little time to appreciate the place! I would also encourage opening the windows to give off a light and airy impression, but scrap that idea during the winter months!

5. “Don’t be a backseat driver when the viewer’s arrive!”

I understand a lot of homeowners love to step in whilst a viewing is underway, to offer that personal touch, tell people all about their time living there and to mention how friendly the neighbours are that live twelve doors down! However, your estate agent is the professional who will be well educated on what your home can offer the viewers and also what the potential buyers want to hear about during their short time within the property. We understand the viewer’s requirements and exactly what they are after, some prospective buyers can be made to feel awkward in the presence of the vendor. You may have to pop to the shops or do the school run, or even take the dog for a walk to the local park but having trust in your estate agent is key to securing a great offer. I always encourage my vendor’s to tell me all about their experience and what they’ve enjoyed whilst living at the property so that if a personal question is asked, I am equipped to respond.

So there are five tips that you as a vendor can personally do to help increase the likeness of a quick sale at the best price. But here are three further tips when appointing your estate agent to market your home.

6. “No sale no fee”

You wouldn’t pay a mechanic to fix the engine of your car before the job has been carried out; so why would you pay an estate agent to sell your largest asset before its sold? There is a strong link between the fee you pay your agent and the amount achieved on your home. It may seem great on the surface that you may be paying an estate agent a smaller amount upfront for their services agent. However the reality is very different. All it really does is take away any incentive for that agent to help sell your home. After all, they’ve already been paid themselves. Alternatively you can pay a slightly higher fee upon completion of a sale, for a motivated, proactive agent who must work for their fee and inevitably achieve you, the client, a higher sale price in a timescale that suits you.

7. “An estate agent pulling his own weight when it comes to presentation”

So you’ve just spent the past couple weeks preparing your home for marketing, following my top 5 tips to sell your home fast and at the best price! However this can all go to waste by choosing the wrong estate agent to try and sell your home! Therefore to maximise the return for your efforts, choose an agent who’s presentation of your home is second to none. Disregard agents who’s photos are dark and gloomy or else all your efforts would of gone to waste. Your advert will inspire no one to come and view! Choose an estate agent that offer professional photography free of charge (Like us!) and your home will be marketed at the highest of standard. It’ll wipe the floor with the competition. Buyer’s will be queuing up to have a viewing!

8. “Listen to your estate agent!”

Many understand the moving process to be as follows. Come on to the market then get out and view properties that could be your next home. Don’t! We’re not saying this to give us more time to sell your home. In fact we’re saying this because one day you’ll walk through someone else’s home, fall in love and make irrational decisions. One of these decisions might just be reducing your asking price to sell quicker. Our main objective is to achieve the best price possible for your greatest asset. Once we’ve found you a buyer at the price anticipated begin your hunt for the next dream home! You’ll thank me for this tip later and watch us sell your home fast!

So that concludes my EIGHT top tips to sell your property for the best price in the quickest time period. You’ll all be thinking now that I’ve revealed this to the public how can anyone differentiate against their competition. Well I’ve still got plenty more tricks up my sleeve, so feel free to give me a call on 01293 529999 or send us a message to find out more! 

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