I’ve Sold! Yay! …but what do I do now?!

So what happens now you have sold? Get everything right for a smooth transaction.

Once your sale has been agreed your solicitor will be your primary contact but we are on hand to help if needed. Homes Partnership will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

We will send you a copy of our sellers guide. This will give you an insight into the process and what you can expect. Your solicitor will send forms for you to complete and return and if you need any assistance dealing with these I am more than happy to help. You will need to provide identification and proof of address to your solicitor. The easiest way is to visit their office (you may need to make an appointment) but if that is not possible speak to them about the options available for satisfying this requirement.

Below is a list of acceptable documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid photo-card driving license
  • Most recent council tax bill
  • Bank statement – dated within last 3 months
  • Utility bill (not mobile phone) – dated within the last 3 months

"The sales process takes approximately 12 weeks although during busy periods this can take a little longer and leasehold properties will also potentially take longer due to the additional information required and parties involved."


Instruct a solicitor when you put your house up for sale, not once you have found a buyer

Choose a solicitor when you start marketing your home for sale. It will save time once a sale has been agreed and you won’t feel under pressure to make a decision.

Choose your solicitor wisely

Choose wisely – your solicitor choice can impact the speed and smoothness of your sale and any related purchase. It is easy to be swayed by price but there is so much more to it. Ask them how many staff they have and what the standard level of cases each person deals with – ideally that would be around 50 per case handler but some larger firms have good support staff so can cope with a higher volume of cases. Ask how they communicate with their clients and provide updates. Some firms have on-line tracking systems, some prefer e-mail communication and some welcome phone calls and office visits – choose based on your preference or you are likely to be disappointed with the service you receive. The right choice leads to a smooth transaction.

Return your documents quickly

Complete and return your solicitor forms as quickly as possible – no legal work can start until these have been received and your identification verified. You will also be required to pay some money to your solicitor at this point – this is typically called ‘monies on account’

Get your documents out of the loft!

Get together any supporting documentation your solicitor may require – guarantees / permissions for works carried out and boiler service certificate / information.

Keep your solicitor updated

Advise your solicitor as soon as you secure a purchase (if applicable) so they can make contact with the agent you are purchasing through. The right choice leads to a smooth transaction.

Arrange finances as soon as possible

If you need to arrange finance for your purchase please do at your earliest convenience. Mortgage applications are not always straight forward and you may have to supply additional information / documents. Please ensure you have bank statements and payslips to hand and request duplicates from your bank or employer if required.

Survey booked?

If you wish to arrange a survey on your purchase property Homes Partnership can assist with that.

Respond to enquiries swiftly, don’t let them drag on

Your buyers solicitor is likely to raise enquiries to your solicitor and it is possible that these questions will be forwarded to you for your comments. If you are unsure when you receive these please discuss with your solicitor / myself and provide replies as quickly as possible. Prompt action leads to a smooth transaction.

Talk about the tenure

If you are selling a leasehold property (typically flats and maisonettes) please discuss with your solicitor, at the outset, what will be required and the associated fees if applicable.

Be realistic

Manage your expectations – this may be a strange thing to advise but it can go a little quiet at times and you may feel that there is not much progress but your solicitor is working towards the same goal as you and I will be on hand to assist with chasing anyone that needs a gentle nudge Solicitors are generally busier on a Friday so you may find obtaining updates at certain times is more difficult. You could agree a plan with your solicitor that you catch up at the same time each week / fortnight.

I hope these tips for a smooth transaction are useful for you but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time – I am here to help!

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