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The term ‘relocation’ is often associated with a particular notion: someone packing up their family to move cross-country or even internationally for a change in job or career and specifically at the request of and sometimes with the assistance of, their employer.  But did you know that the majority of moves RAN (Relocation Agent Network) members assist with take place within neighbouring areas and by people managing their own moves?

It’s true! According to RAN data, nearly half of all people they looked to assist were looking at short distance moves*, within their current region. Meaning that whilst the customer may have been looking to move out of their current village, town, or city, they were still looking to stay within the same region. When we move the parameters out further, over 80% of leads stayed within the same general part of the UK. Less than 1 in 20 home movers who RAN assisted moved any great distance (e.g., North to South, East to West, or vice versa).

Homes Partnership have been hand-picked to be part of Relocation Agent Network, a national network of trusted and approved local estate agents, trusted for their ability to manage short and long-distance moves with equal depth of experience.  We are linked with agents in our neighbouring areas and ideally placed to assist our customers with these exact types of moves. Helping you relocate your home.

Why Choose Your Local RAN Expert for relocating your home?

RAN member agents have been specifically selected for their local expertise and impeccable customer service, working together to deliver trusted, expert advice for every move at every budget. In addition, RAN members have access to exclusive software that connects to other local estate agents in different parts of England, Scotland and Wales, giving a unique advantage to anyone searching for a new home or looking to sell.  Meaning, if you do decide to move just a little bit further from home turf, they can help with that as well by placing you with a trusted colleague within the network to find the home that’s a perfect fit in your chosen destination.

RAN is part of Dwellworks, the global leader in relocation support services.  RAN members have the unique privilege of assisting clients who are moving – or relocating – for work. So, whether you’re moving three miles away or 300, RAN members can help your “relocation” run smoothly.

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*Based on Relocation Agent Network data for 2019.

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