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We offer two different types of market appraisal to suit your needs and the level of information you require. Go ahead a pick one that suits you!

Instant Property Report

Get a FREE, detailed property report to get rough estimate of the value of your property. Perfect for the early stages.

In-Home Appraisal

Seriously looking to sell or let your property? There's no better way to get an accurate price and the best marketing advice.

Homes Partnership Valuers

Our experienced property valuers are on hand to ensure you get nothing but the very best in marketing advice and pricing accuracy for the best property valuation.

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How do Homes Partnership results measure up vs. the national averages?

of asking price achieved vs. national average of 97%
0 %
this is how much that 4% is worth on average
£ 0
our upfront selling fee
£ 2000
less likely to experience an aborted sale
0 %

Driven by results and accurate property valuations.

Lettings by numbers.

in rent collected every single year!
£ 0 m
less than 1% or our tenancies end in rental arrears
100 %
our average void period in between tenancies
99 days
new tenants register with HP every month!
0 +

Our expert valuations are free, no obligation and are completely tailored to your needs and wants. Whether you are looking to sell your home or find a new tenant, we’d love to meet you for a chat!

What is my property worth?

There is no need to do that all by yourself and spend countless hours. Here at Homes Partnership, we already have a database on local property prices and prices achieved for the most recent sales at Property Price Advice. You can use our home valuation tool and see how much your house is worth in a couple of minutes.

We have a free online instant property valuation that you can use to calculate a guide price of what your home is worth. It’s an easy-to-use tool designed for everyone in the home market. Whether you are an individual, landlord, or real estate agent, you will find it extremely convenient.

Both our online and home valuations are completely free.

What is my house worth?
A house valuation is a simple process, in which a Homes Partnership expert will use their intimate knowledge of the local market to accurately identify how much your house is worth. A valuer will consider a property’s condition, location, layout and size to determine a price, as well as any unique features. These house valuations are a free service and provide you with the information you need to kick start your house selling journey.

What type of property valuation should I choose?
Deciding on which type of property valuation you need depends on what you are planning to do. If you are planning to sell or let your property, then you’ll require our free home valuation service; an accurate, in-person valuation with a local expert who knows the market intimately. This will provide you with all the information you’ll need to kick start your home selling journey. If you want to start house hunting, or are considering renovating, then our free online house valuation is the best route to give you an estimate of your property’s value.

Why do I need a property valuation?
Completing a house valuation is important for a number of reasons. Receiving a professional opinion on the value of your property will give you the information you need to price your property appropriately when you enter the market, whether you are selling or letting. Should you plan to purchase another property, and require a mortgage, the estimate price of your property will considerably influence the amount you can borrow.

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